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Waspinator Twin Pack

Waspinator-Pack of 2

Waspinator is a wasp repellent which creates a wasp free area large enough to eat, drink, socialise, or play, without the use of harmful poisons and without killing or harming any wasps. It is a natural and ecologically friendly product which will get rid of wasps without harming them. If you use a couple of Waspinators strategically placed you can clear wasps from the areas you wish to use, and reduce the number of painful and unpleasant encounters you have with wasps, and vice-versa, and you won't upset the ecological balance in your garden.


And, as annoying as they are, wasps are very beneficial and interesting insects, with a highly developed social structure. Wasps also do a really good job in your garden - they cross pollinate flowers and kill aphids - wasps work really hard during their short lives and maybe deserve a break from their status as the creature we most like to eliminate.

Wasp traps involve a disgusting cleaning up process. Also, dead and dying wasps produce pheromones, which attract more wasps as a panic signal that they are under attack. The Waspinator is an environmentally safe deterrent. It's a scarecrow for wasps. It doesn't hurt or kill them, they don't bother you, and they carry on doing good things in your garden.

If you have had wasp nests previously in your house, garage, or garden, the use of a Waspinator from early Spring will deter the queen from choosing that spot to build her new nest as she will think it has already been taken, and will go somewhere else. To discourage them through Summer and Autumn keep rubbish bins tightly shut and bag any sweet foodstuffs and drinks before putting them in the bin. Keep rubbish areas clean.

  • No chemicals, no traps
  • No maintenance
  • No mess, no dead wasps
  • Compact, easy to use and move
  • Environmentally friendly and weatherproof

    Please note:
    It is not designed to control existing wasps nests, which should be removed before using the Waspinator.
    The Waspinator needs to be hung from the loop at the top not the drawstring at the bottom.  



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    Waspinator Twin Pack
    Waspinator Twin Pack
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